Travel Stories

England: A Day at the Races (Doncaster),  A Day Trip to York, Rose Tea in a Haunted Tearoom (Canterbury),  A Winter’s Trip to BirminghamLego On The Southbank (London), A Night of Lights! (London), The Most Oxford-ish Day Ever, A Look Back In Time (Croydon) , Twisting Through History In Rochester, Exploring Kew Gardens, To The Sea (Great Yarmouth), Scandalous Gaijin (Norwich), Picnics by the River (Cambridge), Bakery Tours In The Sun (London).

Edinburgh: Prologue, First Impressions, Cathedral Hunter, For the Love of Soup, Checkmat, Tea on the Harry Potter Trail, Magic In The Air, Two Castles for the Price of One, Fond Farewells, 17 Train Journeys Later. The Ruins of Rosslyn, Lost in Linlithgow, Cats and Cakes, Rule Britannia, Holyrood, A Surprisingly Educational Day, New Town, Old Town, a Royal Farewell.

The Netherlands: City of Culture (Amsterdam), Tronie (The Hague), Geometric (Rotterdam).

Belgium: Bruges: A Summary (2017), Luxury and Style (Antwerp), Even in January (Bruges), Love/Hate (Brussels).

France: New Years at Disneyland Paris (2016/17)

Japan: Prologue, Flying Colours, Time Warp, Material Girl, Crows and Peaches, An Abundance of Cat Things, Manabeshima, National Treasure, Harborland, Stationery Overload and Torrential Rain, The Best Day, Meridian, A Lost Day, Top of the World, Home At Last.

Rome: Vaticano, Colosseum, Eterna.