Travelling with Depression

In 2014 I  was diagnosed with severe depression. In late 2014 I had the most severe breakdown of my life, which put me in emergency mental health care. This helped me be able to travel to Paris in May 2015, even though I was still severely depressed. The main thing I took away from that…Read more Travelling with Depression

The Insanity of Working in Retail

This is not an overreaction, but working in retail led to the worst time of my life. I worked in a high street shoe shop in my university town for three months in the summer between my first and second year, and although it did help me grow as a person and grow my skills,…Read more The Insanity of Working in Retail

Why I Picked a Film Studies Degree

I've been doing a lot of job and volunteering applications recently, which means, as I've just left university, I've been spending a lot of time talking about my degree. I have a degree in Film Studies, which apparently is quite unusual. This often leads to the question of why did I pick Film Studies? Film Studies…Read more Why I Picked a Film Studies Degree