Sunny Summer Days and Contented Kitties

Britain appears to be going through a heatwave at the moment and we all have mixed feelings about it here. Although the sun is lovely and the cats are spending so much time exploring the garden, the heat is causing all sorts of problems, from the cats being too overheated to my work laptop needing…Read more Sunny Summer Days and Contented Kitties

Six Month Cat Adoption Update

We've had Phoebe and Einstein for over six months now! Here's a little post to update you on how they are. Both cats are doing quite well, they feel comfortable sleeping anywhere around the house, although Phoebe always puts herself in her cat box when we go up to bed. Einstein sleeps wherever he wants,…Read more Six Month Cat Adoption Update

Exploring in the Sunshine (Caturday)

Today I thought I'd update you on the ever lovely Phoebe and Einstein. March is bringing lots of sunshine, so the cats have been exploring the garden a lot more. Phoebe has plucked up the courage to explore other gardens as well, mainly our next door neighbour's! Fortunately our neighbour loves her, so this isn't…Read more Exploring in the Sunshine (Caturday)

A Quick Note About The Cats

So the world seems to completely going to shit and it's very scary, and I feel a lot of sympathy towards those who are being victimised by Trump. I don't feel that I am informed enough to talk at length about this subject, so instead of opening a political discussion, I decided to attempt and…Read more A Quick Note About The Cats

Phoebe and Einstein’s Big Adventure!

Today was a really big day! We've had Phoebe and Einstein for about 2 months now, and so far they've been strictly indoor cats, partly because we wanted to bond with them and partly because they had to have lots of injections done. However, today was the first day they were allowed out into the…Read more Phoebe and Einstein’s Big Adventure!