Sunny Summer Days and Contented Kitties

Britain appears to be going through a heatwave at the moment and we all have mixed feelings about it here. Although the sun is lovely and the cats are spending so much time exploring the garden, the heat is causing all sorts of problems, from the cats being too overheated to my work laptop needing…Read more Sunny Summer Days and Contented Kitties

The Expected Sundance Post

I didn't go to Sundance. The UK has had multiple terror attacks in just a few months and it's horrific and scary. The public have really come together and the emergency services and NHS have been amazing. What came across is that the public are not afraid and we will carry on with our lives,…Read more The Expected Sundance Post

Wanderlust, Travel and Personal Growth

Wanderlust is one of the weirdest feelings I've ever gone through because it's the only thing that's happened to me that's grown exponentially since I've started travelling.  I was never really fussed about travelling before my trip to Paris: I had had family holidays around England and France, but I had never really been very…Read more Wanderlust, Travel and Personal Growth