I Saw Some Theatre Shows (Theatre Reviews)

Before I go on my next big trip, I had a theatre weekend booked with my sister. One show was a birthday present for her from our parents, one was a drag show we booked about a year ago, and one was one we’ve been dying to see.

& Juliet – The Shaftesbury Theatre
I loved this show. I loved everything about it: the soundtrack, the remixes, the costumes! We saw three understudies: Grace Mouat as Juliet, Ivan de Freitas as Will Shakespeare and Kirstie Skivington as Anne Hathaway. As much as I was disappointed to miss Miriam-Teak Lee, I was so excited to see Grace as I had become a fan of hers through Six, but never got to see her in Six itself. The show is a lot of fun, and I think it would be a great show to take teenagers to if they are developing an interest in theatre.

Witness for the Prosecution – London County Hall
This show was booked as a birthday present for my sister and we enjoyed it. It’s a very tightly plotted play, and being in the County Hall really gives a gravitas to the production. It was intriguing, and I could not look away. The cast were all great and I felt like that my attention was held the entire time, whereas sometimes with older shows attention could wane. As my sister loves a murder mystery this was a really great present and I would definitely recommend this show.

Miz Cracker: American Women – The London Palladium
This was the show we booked a year ago and I really, really wanted to enjoy it, but unfortunately we didn’t have a great time with the venue, which had an affect on our enjoyment of the show. I really enjoyed the pre-show,  and I thought Victoria Secret was hysterical, however I didn’t enjoy Miz Cracker’s portion of the show as much. This was mainly because the show started so late so I was concerned about us getting home, however, I feel like this wasn’t the drag show for me, as I’ve had much more fun at other drag shows before.

I have one show booked for May but that’s the only show I have booked for the rest of the year. Have you seen any good shows recently? Let me know if there’s any shows I should see.

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