Going Home To Hogwarts

I was very lucky this year to receive tickets to the Warner Bros Studio Tour for my birthday! We went on the 23rd December, and it was such a magical day, especially as the seasonal Hogwarts in the Snow event was on.

Being so close to Christmas, we knew it would be busy, so we made sure to get there early. We had a ticket for 9.30am, but luckily got in early! While our tour started quite full, once into the tour itself it seemed to dissipate a bit, so we were able to see everything. It opened into the Great Hall, which looked spectacular decorated for Christmas. It’s a shame that we were rushed through somewhat, however understandable.

What I love most about the tour is getting to see all the props and costumes and the behind the scenes details. Having studied film studies, and studied film production as part of that, it’s something that has always fascinated me, and this was what I was most excited to see. I love the board about all the animal actors! We ended up doing a couple of the professional photos (we did the forced perspective photo and the Hogwarts Express photo) but most of these we bypassed.

I went to the tour the year it opened, and luckily for me, this year two new sections opened; The Forbidden Forest and Gringotts.

The Forbidden Forest didn’t really live up to my expectations. While I enjoyed it, I felt that the spiders (apart from Aragog) were slightly corny, although they did scare me, and although seeing how they created the Patronus was interesting, it kind of ruined the allure. Aragog did scare me a lot however-I was terrified!

On the other hand, Gringotts exceeded my expectations. The set was beautiful and opulent, and I thought getting to see more about how the goblin costumes were created was really interesting. I also enjoyed the evolution of Warwick Davis’s characters; he is one of my favourite actors and I’ve always found his multiple roles in the film series interesting.

I really enjoyed the entire tour but my favourite bit is at the end of the tour, when you get to see the model of Hogwarts Castle. It’s such a beautiful model and such a fantastic looking castle, and in the past I have desperately wished it was real. We had an incredible day at the Warner Bros Studio Tour and I would definitely recommend it if you’re visiting London and a big fan of Harry Potter.

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