My Festive Trip to Winchester

Early in December, I took my Nan on a day trip to one of my favourite places, Winchester. We were going to visit the Christmas market, which we last did together in 2017, so it was a special day.

The beginning of the day began with some stress, as many of the trains were on strike. I knew there was one direct train, so we rushed for that! Fortunately we got it and got there with loads of time to explore.78260613_1017303428621277_5577747424564215808_n78344740_547928939384897_2469331918588477440_n78377775_2831566566875215_6229599550290526208_n78791452_2373342709585054_9087255035661778944_n

After a quick stop for a Christmas themed pasty, we had a look around the market. There were so many lovely stalls, although I did notice more corporate stalls this year rather than small business or home crafters. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I hope this doesn’t decline further as the years go on as I feel the market would lose something special. We went around the old favourites, I ate many free samples and I bought a few presents (one for my Secret Santa, one for me) before deciding to walk around the town. I also got some churros-yum!

After exploring the traditional Wednesday market and a few shops, we decided to head home, fortunately missing the worst of the strikes. It was a brief visit to Winchy, but a well needed and a well enjoyed one.

Merry Christmas!

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