How To Visit The Winchester Christmas Market

My favourite time of year to be in Winchester is during the Christmas period and this is due to the Christmas Market. Said to be one of the best in the country, this market is a definite must see. Here’s my guide to the Winchester Christmas Market.

Where is it?
The majority of the Market is located in the Cathedral Close around the back of Winchester Cathedral. There is also a small section in front of the Cathedral.

What is there?
There are multiple sections to the Winchester Christmas Market. The majority of the chalets are in from and behind the Cathedral Close. There is also a food court area and a British crafts market behind the Cathedral as well.

How many stalls are there?
There are 112 chalets at the market, selling handcrafted gifts, food and drink and items for everyday use.

How many food and drink stalls are there and what is on offer?
There are about 20 food and drink chalets in the ‘food court’ area, including a grilled cheese chalet, a burger and hot dog chalet and even a mulled wine chalet. There are also smaller stalls around the market selling treats such as roasted chestnuts, hot chocolates and churros.

What else is there?
Winchester Cathedral holds many special Christmas services during the Christmas period, and the Lantern Festival is held outside the Cathedral every November. Inside the Market itself there is an festive ice rink, but be sure to book in advance as it gets busy!

Any tips?
Go early, and try to go mid-week as weekends get so busy people are turned away!

I hope this guide has helped you plan the perfect festive trip to Winchester.

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