Frozen II And The Legacy It Bears (Spoilers)

Well, at last the long awaited sequel to Frozen is out! I was quite excited for the sequel, I thought the trailer looked really good, and although I want to see more original stories from Disney, I thought this film could be really good. And it was…kinda.

The animation was completely gorgeous and I loved the character development throughout the film. The scene with Elsa tackling the Dark Sea was incredibly beautiful. I enjoyed getting to see Anna and Elsa’s parents and seeing those interactions, and this worked really well in the context of the film. I especially loved Anna and her whole grief segment in the second half of the film. Whilst it was surprising due to how dark it was, I loved that grief was being explored so fully in this film and it was represented really well.

I also really enjoyed the score. Kristoff’s song was hilarious and really took me by surprise. Show Yourself is my favourite song and I think although it’s like Let It Go, that maybe it’s better? It definitely has Defying Gravity vibes. Anna’s song Do The Next Right Thing seems like it’s going to be emblazoned on merch everywhere and I will probably buy it all.

I had some issues with the plot. Retrospectively, Elsa’s parents’ reactions to her powers seem strange considering that her mother comes from a tribe that grew in the magic of nature, surely they would not be as afraid or as confused as they were in the first film? They are both aware of magic, whereas it’s presented in the first film that nothing like Elsa’s power had been seen in that world before. Anna and Elsa’s sudden truce with the Northuldra was incredibly contrived for plot convenience and seemed really strange. I really wanted a further conversation with Anna and Elsa about Anna and Olaf being pushed aside as I feel that it’s never properly addressed, especially Olaf’s feelings towards Elsa. Anna seemed like an afterthought again; while Elsa got a new connection with their mother, Anna misses this. While Elsa claims that she is the second half of the bridge, this is only something Elsa comes out with and is not backed up within the film. It would have been nice if Anna got her own moment with the spirit of Iduna or even if it had been referenced in the background of the Show Yourself scene. Furthermore, the film seemed incredibly strangely paced, and seemed to miss a lot of connecting scenes; i wonder if a lot was taken out to make a shorter run time.

Lastly, I understood the direction they were taking Olaf in, however I’m not sure it quite worked. He wasn’t as consistently funny as in the first film and, when watching the film in a very full screening, many children didn’t seem to be as amused by him, one little girl even shouting that he was boring before being shushed.

And I will forever be upset that Elsa got two Disney-magic-transformations and our girl Anna never even got one, but hey, at least she’s Queen of Arandelle now, eh?

Have you seen Frozen II yet? What did you think about it?

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