The Series That Surprised Me The Most

The other day, I was bored and looking for something to watch. Not really in the mood for a bingeable series, I clicked through BBC iPlayer looking for a one off programme or a documentary, and I found Years and Years. Easy to say, I watched all 6 hours in one sitting.

If you’ve not heard of it, Years and Years is a series written by Russell T. Davies, and it revolves around the Lyons family. A family from Manchester, it revolves around Muriel, her grandchildren and their families: Rosie and her sons Lee and Lincoln, Danny and his boyfriend Ralph, activist Edith and Stephen, his wife Celeste and their two daughters Bethany and Ruby. The story takes place over the span of 15 years and demonstrates how the world changes, and the rise of a dangerous politician.

I loved this series. Years and Years has a very Black Mirror-esque vibe to it which lies under the plot, giving the entire show a sinister undertone.  It’s very well written and honestly seems like it could happen over the next decade and a half.

All this being said, the best thing about Years and Years is the representation throughout it. Rosie is disabled and uses a wheelchair, Stephen and Celeste are in an interracial marriage and several characters are coded as gay or queer, and this is accepted by the characters without being a big deal. There are times when these characteristics are used within the plot, however, this is all written in and seems natural, rather than representation written in for the sake of it. It’s really refreshing to see this in a series, instead of a character’s sexuality being changed partway through a series.

Years and Years was fascinating, and I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of darker series such as Black Mirror.

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