Review: Six at the Arts Theatre, London

I finally got to see Six in June with my sister and I really enjoyed it! This musical is fun, glittery and full of attitude, and definitely makes for a great night out.

The cast of Six are incredible. I was really impressed with Courtney Stapleton; although I had seen Megasixes before, I hadn’t really seen her, and she was so enjoyable to watch. The cast member who surprised me the most was Alexia McIntosh; her Anna of Cleves is very funny and she was so lovely when we met her before the show.

I liked the juxtaposition of the minimalism of the set against the exaggerated costumes the queens wear. Each outfit is intricately decorated and really shows off each queen’s personality, Katherine Howard’s in particular. They are beautiful costumes and really distinctive.

While the songs aren’t always the most creatively written, they are written with such emotion that you can’t help but feel what the queen is feeling. In particular, Jane Seymour’s song ‘Heart of Stone’ is heartbreaking and fantastically performed. The live band are absolutely phenomenal as well and I’m so glad attention gets pulled towards them throughout the show as I feel that usually, the band gets neglected somewhat.

Six is a feel-good celebration of sisterhood, and leaves you feeling uplifted. SIX out of five stars!

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