Review: Ian At 80 at the Duke of York’s Theatre, London

On 7th March I was lucky enough to go to Sir Ian McKellen’s celebratory birthday tour ‘Ian at 80’ at the Duke of York’s Theatre. The show isn’t just a show, it’s an exploration of Shakespeare, stories from Sir Ian’s youth and two hours of fun.

The first half is filled with Sir Ian talking about his life, whilst the second half was filled with him monologuing from Shakespearian plays. There was loads of audience interaction, and at one point someone was invited up onto the stage-I wish it could have been me! I really loved the first half but didn’t enjoy the second half as much. I think it was because he was doing so many monologues that I started to struggle to pay attention, however, it was so impressive that he had memorised so many.

The show was very funny, and Sir Ian came off very likable and generous as well as knowledgeable.  I think the fact that he is doing this show at his age is no small feat-I would struggle doing such a quick touring show! I really enjoyed this show and would recommend seeing it if you get a chance.

Genuinely delightful, Sir Ian McKellen cements his reputation as one of Britain’s most respected and beloved actors. 4.5/5 stars.


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