Review: Rock of Ages at the New Wimbledon Theatre

On Thursday 28th February I found myself at the New Wimbledon Theatre to see Rock of Ages. I booked this quite spontaneously and had no clue what would happen, which I think was a fantastic way to experience the show. The show was not exactly what I expected, more of a Rocky Horror vibe than I expected, but I loved it!

The musical was really well themed. The set pieces were really good and they worked well with the screen that was also used. The music was also fantastic; the sound mix was really great and all the musicians were incredibly talented. I was so glad they got their own moment in the encore, because they absolutely deserved it.

I mainly decided to see this show due to the cast. Jodie Steele was a brilliant Sherrie and now I’m kicking myself for missing her in Heathers. Luke Walsh surprised me with how likable I found him, usually I find his type of character annoying but I really rooted for him and he has a great voice. I’ve seen Kevin Clifton’s sister Joanne in multiple productions now, which made me interested to see him in this, and it’s obvious that talent in musical theatre as well as in dance runs in the family. And finally, Lucas Rush as Lonny, the fourth wall breaking narrator was the best part of the show; he was hysterical and kept us thoroughly entertained.

Hilarious and irreverent, Rock of Ages was a fun filled 2 hours, and I can’t wait to see it again. 5 stars.

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