Rome: 2: Colosseum

I hadn’t booked a tour for the Colosseum, thinking I’d just turn up, and after the day before, I wondered whether that would be an issue. There were so many ticket hawkers, and I was worried after the day before that I would get grabbed again. I ended up being talked into a tour by a hawker for Crown Tours, but the hawkers near the Colosseum were much nicer and I didn’t feel anywhere near as vulnerable.

I ended up with Crown Tours, and although I was probably ripped off, the tour ended up being quite good. We got in straight away and our tour guide, Andre, was very informative about the Colosseum. After a 45 minute guided tour we were left to explore, and told to meet another tour guide outside in an hour for our tour of the Roman Forum. This made me a bit nervous, but I was determined to still enjoy the monument.

I really enjoyed the Colosseum. It was fantastic, and I really enjoyed wandering around. I could see why people rave about it; it was very impressive. After an hour I left, and immediately found my tour guide for the next part, which made me feel a bit better. My tour guide for the Roman Forum was called Matt, and he was hilarious and very charismatic, giving us a lot of personal stories about previous tours and Rome as well as information about the Forum. Overall, this tour was fun, and while I’m not sure if I would do it again, I’m glad I did it.

After a quick lunch of suppli, I wandered to the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. I love cats and helping cats in need, and I really wanted to check this place out. It was almost hidden in some ruins, and I was so glad to help support the work they are going. As the ruins are also the site where Julius Caesar was killed, I also got to see an important historical site on this visit!

As I was close to the Pantheon, I quickly made my way there. I had been told there were three things you definitely needed to see in Rome; I had seen the Vatican, I had seen the Colosseum and it was now time to see the Pantheon. I thought it was so beautiful, and in hindsight I wished I had stayed there briefly to see the rain come through the ceiling.

I decided to visit a museum, and I noticed as I walked towards the one I wanted to visit that the sky was darkening over. I got to the Museo di Roma just before the rain started and spent a while wandering around, however, I didn’t enjoy the museum. I just didn’t connect with it. I decided to walk back in the rain, and really collapsed from exhaustion when I got back to the hotel.

After meeting up with my relative, we went for a long walk to see the Spanish Steps. They were beautiful, and took me back to how Rome must have looked once upon a time. After walking back via the shopping area and the Trevi Fountain (where we witnessed a proposal!), we had dinner in a lovely steak house near our restaurant. My relative had the next day off, and we were going to explore Rome together before heading home.

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