Rome: 1: Vaticano

Two months after my previous flight, I found myself on another one, although, I wasn’t sure if the delay foreshadowed issues for my trip. It was my first trip to Italy, a country I’ve wanted to visit since I was a child, and I was especially excited as I would be visiting Rome.

After being delayed by 25 minutes, we finally arrived into Rome in the early evening, and after getting the Leonardo Express, a shuttle train that takes half an hour to get into the city, we arrived into the city centre at 9pm.

After checking into our small hotel, we had dinner at a small restaurant called Trattoria Al Camoscio D’Abruzzo. It was a lovely, family run establishment, and we had an amazing meal there. We didn’t want to leave! However, we were exhausted, and we had big days in the morning!


My first full day in Rome started with an hour long walk. I had booked myself into a guided tour at the Vatican Museums, with the option to go to the Sistine Chapel. While I had been warned that the Sistine Chapel was not as impressive as it appears to be, I still really wanted to see it, and decided that a guided tour was my best shot.

I got to the Vatican Museums early, and so had to kill a bit of time. However, there were a lot of ticket hawkers outside, which didn’t set a great first impression for me. I was by myself, and one of the ticket hawkers grabbed my arm tightly to pull me back and get my attention when I walked past him. While there was no damage done this did scare me a bit, and made me feel vulnerable due to me being by myself.

My tour started and it was so good.My tour guide (I didn’t get her name) was great, and obviously passionate about history and culture, as she was so knowledgeable about all the pieces of art we saw. Overall, I enjoyed the Vatican museums, and I could have spent an entire day there. The guided tour was really good, and really helpful, as I never would have seen some of the items I was taken past. The Sistine Chapel itself was somewhat disappointing, but I feel that this was due to that fact that it was packed. If I had taken an early morning or night limited tour, I feel that I would have been much more impressed.


After a quick lunch, it was time for my next activity. Although I really wanted to spend the entire day in the Vatican, I had limited time and so much I wanted to do! That in mind, I walked across town to visit Piazza Navona and get a cheeky peach gelato before moving onto my next spot, which was Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini.

I was really interested in seeing the famous ‘Bone Church’ and had decided, as it was somewhat close to my hotel that I would visit before going back to the hotel to meet up with my relative. I didn’t know what to expect, and somehow the crypt still surprised me. The museum was very interesting, but the crypt had an odd feel to it, and that’s probably in the way the bones were displayed. I’ve never seen anything like it and so felt weird about it. I’m glad I saw it, but I’m not sure if I liked it.

After meeting up with my relative, we decided to take a quick wander to find dinner before returning to the hotel. We meandered to the Colosseum to get my first glimpse of the iconic landmark before finding a pizzeria for dinner. Finally after dinner, we went to see the Trevi Fountain before heading back. I loved the Trevi Fountain, and I was hoping to love the Colosseum even more on a proper visit tomorrow.


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