East of England: 2: Scandalous Gaijin

The next part of my Norfolk adventure started with a trip to Norwich. I know people who have raved about Norwich, so I was excited to see it.

Norwich was nice. I wasn’t raving about it, but it wasn’t a bad city to visit. Our trip to Norwich started with lunch in an adorable little cafe called the KindaKafe. They are run by a charity who’s primary message is to spread kindness. We really loved this cafe and Amy is already planning to eat there again.

Our next mission was to go and see the Cathedral. I love cathedrals, and really wanted to see it. The Cathedral was just as imposing and impressive as I hoped, and we even got to go to this amazing antique bookshop.

After visiting the Cathedral Amy had to run off to a class, so I had a couple of hours to explore Norwich by myself. I went first to Norwich Castle. I love castles as they make up a large part of British ancestral history, and so I had high hopes. Alas, I was disappointed. As it was half term many of the parts of the castle I wanted to see were covered by children’s activities. After quickly looking around the exhibits, I decided that the castle was not for me and moved on.

I decided instead to explore the Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell, a museum I had found out about through my National Art Pass. I was really surprised by this museum as it was so much better than I was expecting! The Museum of Norwich explores the history of the city and it was so interactive and great for all ages. I would highly recommend this museum if you visit Norwich, as it was so fun!

After this I met up again with Amy, we got dinner in Norwich and went home to watch Sabrina Goes To Rome.

On my last day with Amy, we decided to do something we ran out of time for when we last saw each other. We had both bought yukatas and we were determined to do a photo session together. After a quick stop at the lifeboat station, we set up a photo session on the beach which started with lovely, classy photos. It later devolved.

After our completely sensible photoshoot we walked to Tesco to get ingredients for our dinner. We got many looks and double takes, but many little old ladies took us we looked really pretty, so that was definitely a win. The rest of the day was filled with baking banana bread and making a Japanese curry with a roux, for some reason, before watching Practical Magic before bed.

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