East England: 1: To The Sea

On 30th May, I took a trip down to the seaside to see my lovely friend Amy. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by life, and as Amy has lots of exciting things coming up, this was the only week we were able to meet. After finishing work, I made my way to Liverpool Street only to find that my train was delayed! Fortunately I was able to get the earlier train, and after a nearly five hour journey filled with delays and cancellations, I made it to Norfolk!


Eventually I was reunited with Amy and it was so exciting! We spent the evening eating lasagna, having long talks and eventually falling asleep at midnight.

The next day we had decided to venture into Great Yarmouth! The resort town is mostly known for it’s long, sandy beaches, but we also wanted to get some shopping done. After a quick stop to CEX, we went for a stroll around the shopping arcades. We browsed at beautiful clothes and cheap second hand books before getting chips with curry sauce from the market. They were so tasty we ran inside the market to hide them from the seagulls!


After our lunch, we decided to go to the beach for a little while. While the grungy little town was full of families due to it being half term, the beach was empty, and the sea seemed to calm my anxieties. This didn’t last long, however. As we were worried a storm was blowing in we made our way back to Amy’s, and settled in for a night of making okonomiyaki and watching the Lizzie Maguire movie.


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