How Much For: A Country Escape to Norfolk and Cambridgeshire

I recently spent 6 days exploring Norwich, Great Yarmouth, and Cambridge. This trip ended up being a lot more affordable than I ever hoped. Here’s how I did it.

Budget: £150-£200

Travel: £60.70. I booked my train ticket to Great Yarmouth in advance and added the savings from my railcard, which ended up costing me £10. For my travel around Norfolk and Cambridgeshire I spent £. I didn’t book my ticket back from Cambridge as the train line was changing close to my visit and I wanted to make sure I didn’t buy a wrong or longer duration ticket accidentally, but it only cost me £.

Accommodation: £13.17. As I was visiting a friend, most of my accommodation was free. However, for my excursion into Cambridgeshire I needed to book a hotel. As I had a free night on my account from my Interrailing trip, I only ended up spending £13.17 for accommodation!

Food: £61.89. As I was staying with a friend, we ate most of our meals at home, cutting the costs down. However, we did eat out one night, and as I ventured into Cambridgeshire, I ended up paying for a lot more, foodwise. Luckily, the guest house I stayed at offered free breakfast, which cut down the bills.

Activities: £33. I have a National Art Pass, which allowed me discounted or free entry into a lot of attractions. I used this in Norwich. When I got to Cambridge, I ended up paying for a walking tour and also to visit St John’s College. In hindsight, I should have researched and found a free walking tour, although on the tour I did, we were able to visit King’s College Chapel while it was closed.

Souvenirs and Gifts: £21.65. My sister collects postcards, which are a very cheap souvenir, so this was a plus for me. I did buy a couple of books, but as they were second hand they only cost me about £1 each. I also bought a book from an antique book store as well, but this cost me less than £10.

Total: £190.41.  I only just managed to stick within my budget! I didn’t realise how expensive the bus tickets would be, and had it not been for my railcard I would have paid a lot more. I also didn’t take as big advantage of my National Art Pass as I could have, but overall I’m pleased.

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