Edinburgh: 6: A Surprisingly Educational Day

We ventured again into Edinburgh with half a plan. Today we were going to do some bits I had wanted to do in Edinburgh, but hadn’t gotten around to them.

Our first stop was the Surgeons’ Hall Museums. I desperately wanted to do these during my Fringe trip, but it just didn’t work out. This time I was determined to go, and so it was our first stop. There are three museums to visit at the Surgeons’ Hall: The History of Surgery Museum, The Wohl Pathology Museum and The Dental Collection, and it is £7 for an adult to visit all three. My cousin and I only visited the History of Surgery Museum and The Wohl Pathology Museum as we were starting to feel overwhelmed. However, although these museums are gruesome and graphic, they are also incredibly interesting. There is a lot of information available and I really enjoyed a virtual dissection in the main museum. A lot of the exhibits are also morbidly interesting, such as a pocketbook made out of grave robber Burke’s skin. It’s not for everyone, but it is very informative.

After visiting the Surgeons’ Hall Museums we popped into Blackwells just to have a look. Both my cousin and I bought a few books. Oops.

Somehow, we had picked up a map for a 101 Objects quest in our adventures, and as it was ending at the end of the month, we decided to see as many as we could. Realising as we read through the map that we had already seen quite a few of the objects, we decided to go to the National Museum of Scotland, where a lot of the items were.

I really enjoyed what we saw of the National Museum of Scotland. We briefly saw Dolly the Sheep before exploring the Kingdom of the Scots section. I really enjoyed this, we saw so many historical exhibits, such as the Maiden, and a lot were on our list. I felt like I learnt a lot about Scottish history in this part of the museum, and I didn’t want to leave. My favourite exhibit was the Arthur’s Seat Coffins as they were so chilling. I just want to know more about them.

Although this was an odd day it was really fun, and very educational. We learnt a lot and went home with a lot to think about (and read).

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9 Replies to “Edinburgh: 6: A Surprisingly Educational Day”

  1. I’m going to Edinburgh for whole of fringe. notice you have written a few posts about Edinburgh so will have a look. However what would you class as created Edinburgh tourist attractions that are must sees?


    1. Wow, the entire Fringe? You’ll have such a great time! August is festival time in Edinburgh, I think there are about 7 other festivals such as the Tattoo, which is expensive but worth it. I really enjoyed Edinburgh Castle, and The Royal Yacht Britannia, which is in the suburb of Leith and not the city centre. The National Museum of Scotland is also fantastic to visit, and if you like walking tours, both Mercat (ghost) Tours and the free Harry Potter Walking tour are really great 🙂


      1. There are loads of free attractions you can do 🙂 There are free tours, and during the Fringe there’s loads of free entertainment.


      2. Thanks, being researching that too. BBC does free shows so applied for some of them.

        Think will find plenty to do, but fitting in will be problem. Think if there for few days you can spend few days rushing around fitting loads in and then being completely exhausted. But if live and work at too full a pace for whole month then don’t know what state I will be in – some balance will be needed!


      3. Exactly! Also there are lovely villages and towns closes to Edinburgh you can visit if you want some down time. One of my favourites is Roslin.


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