Edinburgh: 5: Holyrood

The next day carried on with the accidental theme we had given this trip. We were planning to visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse

The Palace is similar to Britannia in that you are guided by an audio guide, which starts with an introduction by Prince Charles. However, I didn’t think this guide was as good as the Britannia audio guide; it would give little information that would seemingly ramble and just direct you through multiple sections of the audio guide for extra information about nearly everything. I was really annoyed by the audio guide and wished there had been information inside the Palace so I didn’t have to deal with the audio guide.

That being said, the Palace itself made up for the audio guide. The Palace is beautiful and opulent, with intricate details in the decoration and with memories of it’s history everywhere. My favourite part of the Palace was Mary Queen of Scot’s apartments, as there were so many historical artefacts on display and it was so different to the rest of the Palace. I also liked that there was a lot of obvious respect for the Royal Family throughout and you could even see a few of their family photos.



By the time we got to the Abbey it was chucking down sheets of rain! However, we were determined to explore it properly, so we put our hoods up and walked around it in the rain. We really loved the abbey. I’ve always enjoyed visiting ruins and the ruins of Holyrood Abbey were beautiful. I also was inspired for a new series while visiting them. Lastly, on our way out we briefly visited the gardens. Although it had mostly stopped raining, we decided not to spend much time here as we were soaked! We did get to see some lovely views of Salisbury Crags glistening.

We were peckish after leaving the Palace, so we stopped in a nice little cafe on the Royal Mile called the Sugarhouse Cafe. We had a lovely half an hour discussing our opinions of the Palace and whether we’d visit again. As I live in London and am not sure when I’d be in Edinburgh again, I wasn’t sure, especially s I live closer to other royal residences. My cousin wasn’t sure whether she’d visit again by herself, but got her pass stamped for free re-entry for a year as she’d probably take other people to the palace. After a run around Tesco looking and failing to find this haggis pizza that my cousin had heard about, we made our way home, having had a fun time out.

The Palace ended up being a really good day out, although it wasn’t as impressive to us as it could have been, probably because we had already visited a palace and Britannia the day before. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it to visitors.

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