Edinburgh: 2: Lost in Linlithgow

I woke up excited on the second day of my trip. My first visit to Edinburgh had been frantic, and although we got loads done, we were focused around the festivals. This meant we didn’t spend as much time outside of the city and visiting more historical places. This was to change, as my cousin was taking me to a former palace of Mary Queens of Scots…

On to Linlithgow! The little town of Linlithgow was beautiful as we passed through it and I was excited to explore, but our first stop was to Linlithgow Palace. We were so excited to go, as I had never been, and my cousin had not been for so long.

Linlithgow Palace is an amazing, ruined palace outside Edinburgh. It was the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots, and was used as a pleasure palace, rather than a working palace. It is labyrinthine and large, and so fun to explore. My cousin and I started exploring, and somehow got lost. We spent an hour or so wandering around this fantastic ruin, marvelling at how beautiful and historic it is. Linlithgow Palace was such a brilliant day trip, and we were sad to leave.

We had lunch at a sweet little cafe in Linlithgow called The Coffee Neuk. After a tasty lunch of hot filled rolls and Victoria sandwich cake, we went for a little walk. We had initially planned on walking around the loch, but rain threatened, so we instead decided to visit another close-by castle. Off to Blackness!


Blackness Castle was a spontaneous choice for us but I am so glad that we went because it is an amazing castle. Although the weather was dark and windy, it just emphasised the gravitas of this historic castle. Known as the Ship That Never Sailed, the castle juts out into the sea, and hides secrets of soldiers and prisoners.

I could not believe how much I loved Blackness Castle. The atmosphere around it was so intense and incredible, and I did not want to leave, even after we were nearly blown off of the pier!

The last aspect to our day was also a spontaneous one. On our way home we diverted through South Queensferry. The little town was lovely, and it was even more lovely in the sunshine, which had decided to come out. We would have loved to stopped and explored even more, but as there was nowhere to park we weren’t able to. South Queensferry is definitely on my list for my next trip though!

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