Exploring Kew Gardens

‘Perhaps exploring Kew Gardens on one of the hottest days of the year isn’t the best idea’, I thought to myself as we paid for the tickets. We had only decided a couple of days before to go, and while at the time it had seemed great, now it seemed hot! Nevertheless, we persisted with our mission and headed through the gardens to the first place we were going to visit: the Temperate House.

The Temperate House is the largest Victorian greenhouse in the world, and has been closed for renovations, but luckily re-opened the day we were there! It certainly is a stunner-the blue sky shone beautifully onto the plants through sparkling glass panels, and it was a fantastic way to spend the day. We ended up visiting lots more greenhouses while we were at Kew, such as the Palm House and the Waterlily House, but the Temperate House took my breath away.

After the Temperate House we moved over to the Treetop walk. Not for people scared of heights, we ended up actually being situated in the treetops! While there wasn’t much of a view, I can only imagine how amazing it would be in the summer when the trees are in full bloom.

I had heard about a secret Palace within the botanical garden’s boundaries, but I didn’t realise there was also a separate Royal Kitchen! I insisted on going in, and I was so glad I did as I learned so much. Kew Palace is a small palace, originally used as George III’s schoolhouse before it eventually became his royal residence. Since the death of his Queen Charlotte it’s been left, and is now dedicated to her. I learnt so much about her and her family, and I really liked how this was presented. We also visited the Royal Kitchens, and spoke to a volunteer about the royal kitchens. We learnt about so much, from how they cooked the food and cleaned, to how King George took his baths!

Now with our ice creams in tow, we visited the Hive, a sculpture dedicated to pollenators and increasing their impact, before moving onto the Japanese garden. I loved Japanese gardens whilst in Japan and I couldn’t wait to see one again. We loved them.The Pagoda has finally has the decorative dragons restored, so hopefully soon it will be open again, and the gardens themselves were beautiful. There was even a peacock showing off, which, while isn’t Japanese, was unexpected!

We had an absolutely lovely day at Kew Gardens, with a few little surprises! I’d definitely recommend it as a day out.

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