Edinburgh: 1: The Ruins of Rosslyn

I could not wait to get back to Edinburgh. I had loved visiting the first time and I desperately wanted to return. Although part of the reason I wanted to go back was to return to the blur of the Fringe, I also wanted to explore the city outside of it. There was still so much to see and do, and I also wanted to explore the outer regions of the city. I wanted to go up to reconnect with myself and nature.

I felt better the minute I got off of the plane. Check-in and the flight went well, surprisingly, and the sun was shining gloriously as I reunited with my cousin. After a month full of stress and panic, I finally felt happy and excited. I felt renewed.

Our first stop was to Rosslyn Chapel. After we had each watched The Da Vinci Code and laughed about our connections to the film (I have so many, it’s not funny) we had decided to visit the chapel. I had visited the website and it looked so beautiful and spiritual. I couldn’t wait to visit.

Rosslyn Chapel was even more beautiful and intricately detailed that I had imagined. It was covered in iconography-Pagan, Christian, and some that made no sense. Even without the context of the book and film, there was so much mystery here, but it was still obviously a beloved community church, and it warmed our hearts to see offerings from the local primary school. I loved the chapel so much, and it felt so much like a place where love from anyone was welcome.

My cousin nudged my arm, and started to walk down a path I hadn’t noticed. We chatted and she led me seemingly to nowhere, until she stopped.

“Look! Isn’t it beautiful?”

Out of nowhere, a bridge had appeared out of the path. Confused, I followed it, not even particularly noticing the massive drop from the side of the bridge.  I wasn’t sure how we could be so high up-hadn’t we just came down a small path? I wandered over the bridge to see the most fantastic castle ruins.

“Isn’t it great? Parts of the castle are still habitable, but I love the ruined parts.”

There was history in these ruins, there was mystery and inspiration! I couldn’t wait to write, Roslin was giving me so many ideas! Making a mental note, I looked around at the ruins before moving away with my cousin. I wanted to know so much more about this mystery castle that had appeared out of nowhere.

We walked down a large, seemingly natural staircase surrounded by wild garlic flowers. We turned, and as we walked past, the large arch supporting the bridge almost beckoned us through, to new adventures that would not be had this day. We ended our trip in the Roslin Glen country park, staring down at the trickling river and talking about everything and nothing. It was the day I had been longing for so long, and finally, I was content.

My trip to Edinburgh could not have started better. As soon as I ventured back to Scotland, my heart leapt and I felt so at home. I could only hope that the rest of my trip went as well.


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