Musings on Avengers: Infinity War (Spoiler Heavy)

I eventually got around to watching Avengers: Infinity War on Sunday, and I have some feelings about it. I know everything that could have been said about this film already has been, but I just wanted to get my thoughts down.

Honestly, I was underwhelmed by it. This could be due to the fact that I studied the MCU and other superhero films for my dissertation, so I’m slightly fatigued by them. It could be that I haven’t been keeping up as much with the MCU and have not watched recent films. However, I genuinely think that the film was too much and (possibly?) over-hyped.

The cast was way too full. Although billed as all of the MCU heroes coming together to save the universe from Thanks, there were too many characters to focus on, so many didn’t get enough time and a lot of characters, such as Black Widow, Falcon, Bucky Barnes etc felt unnecessarily crammed in. If these characters hadn’t been in the film, I doubt people would have noticed.

The ending did not disappoint me as much as I kind of expected Thanos to win, but after hearing so much about how this film was a standalone, and not the first half of a double bill, I was annoyed at how obviously it is set up to be a part one. I had already felt that the pacing had felt weird for the length of the film, so in a way I wished some of the battles had been taken out and allowed for extra time for characters to interact and come up with plans. For example, I really wanted Tony and Steve to have a conversation. Honestly, I just feel that it would have been better for this film to be more wrapped up at the end so it could at least pretend to truly be a standalone film.

I also felt the CGI wasn’t always as good as it needed to be, especially when it came to Thanos’ reality bending scenes, but as this is a CGI heavy film, some flaws could be expected.

That being said, there were also a lot of great ideas in this film. Thor’s development and plotlines with the Guardians were funny and compelling, as well as emotional, and one of the strongest parts of the film. I was also impressed with the impact the deaths had. Many of the deaths, such as Loki’s and Gamora’s were incredibly impactful, not just within the film but also to the audience. The audience I was in gasped at Gamora’s demise. Vision’s ‘death’ is also impactful due to the power he held. I really hope that in Avengers 4 and future films after that that at least some of these deaths are permanent. I don’t think the disintegrated people/heroes will stay gone, but I also hope in the inevitable final battle that some other major players, such as Tony Stark or Captain America will die. I think right now it’s what the MCU needs to shake it up a bit, and I think, if it’s done right, it will be really good for Marvel Studios.

In Avengers 4 I would like to see Marvel take some risks. I’d like the already dead characters to stay dead, and I’d even like some of the big players to die permanently. I think like the current teams need to be shaken up, and this is the perfect opportunity.

I’d also like, in the next film, to have some bonding times between the characters. After the final battle and, I presume, the defeat of Thanos, characters will need to grieve and process what has happened, and I feel this would end this phase of the MCU well.

What are your thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War? Do you agree with my points?

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