How Much For: A Spring Getaway to Edinburgh

Budget: £400. I’m hoping to do a few more trips this year so I was hoping to keep this trip as cheap as possible!

Flights: £166. This was more than I had hoped to spend, although this was due to my travel dates, and the fact that I paid extra to check a bag.

Accommodation: Free! As stated in my previous Edinburgh post, I have a relative living in Edinburgh who I had decided to visit and so stayed with her.

Activities: £83. My main reason for visiting Edinburgh was to get over a developing fear of flying and to spend some time relaxing and spending time with my relative. Because the last time I went to Edinburgh I was visiting for the Tattoo and the Fringe, I had certain expenses due to this. I also managed to tick off some of the big, expensive attractions such as the Castle and the Zoo in my last trip, so I saved on those costs. I did spend on Real Mary King’s Close as I really wanted to see this the last time I was there, and I also bought a guidebook at the same time. I also spent quite a lot visiting places such as the Palace of Holyrood, due to it being a royal residence. Many of the attractions we visited weren’t expensive, but we did end up visiting a lot of them!

Food: £63.05. I treated my relative to a trip to Maison de Moggy, which had an £8 booking fee per person. We also ended up having tea and cake or lunch a few times we were out, but we ended up cooking dinners while we were at home to save on money. I also ended up buying myself breakfast and dinner at the airport the days of the flights, but these were less than £10 per meal.

Souvenirs and Gifts: £100.14. I didn’t realise I had spent so much on souvenirs and gifts until I added it up! The majority of this went on books as we ending up visiting some beautiful bookshops, however, I did make a sneaky purchase in duty free…

Transport: £24.15. This ended up being less than I expected, as we ended up taking the train four times during the week and I got a third off of these tickets due to my railcard.We drove to many of the attractions we visited.

Total: £436.34. I massively went over-budget! However, I know this was mostly in the souvenirs and gifts department, and mostly because I ended up in the most beautiful bookshop…I also paid quite a bit to go to the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the royal Yacht Britannia, which had higher entrance prices than the other attractions we visited due to them being royal residences.

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