My Feelings On THAT Plot Twist: Jane the Virgin Series 4 Finale (SPOILERS!)

So…THAT plot twist happened.

I wasn’t expecting that to happen. It is a classic telenovela trope and so I guess I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was, but it really threw me. I was firmly Team Michael during the earlier seasons of the show for so many reasons, but I don’t like this reveal. My main issue with it is that there seems to be no reason for his return. There was a lot of exposition this series between Jane and Rafael when it came to Michael but at the moment I can’t see a logical, clear cut story reason for his return.

I also don’t like it for the fact that Jane is settled finally. Michael’s death was absolutely heartbreaking, and it affected Jane so severely, which in turn caused a lot of character development. In bringing Michael back, it could almost negate this second half of Jane’s story. I also don’t like it because I feel that Jane will be pushed to choose again between Michael and Rafael, like in series 1, and I feel the show has moved past this.

There’s also the issue of Luisa. Luisa’s finally in a good place and I quite like that development about her character. I don’t want Luisa to be completely engulfed by Rose again now! Rafael, no!

Although it seems like Michael is back, this is a telenovela and so I’m not sure if it even is Michael. There are so many possibilities here. Michael’s long lost brother who disappeared could be the person in the room which again would link back to series 1. The other way it could link back to series 1, which would work with the link to Rose, would be if it’s someone who’s made to look like Michael, and I think this would maybe work best if they go down this way. This being Jane the Virgin though, I’m sure it is Michael.

Then again, if it is Michael, why would he even leave Jane when we know he was so devoted to her? The only thing I can think of is either witness protection, amnesia or maybe he was kidnapped by Rose. Otherwise this twist seems completely illogical to me.


As much as I love this show and these twists, I do think that series 5 is the best place to end. Jane’s story does feel like it’s ending and it’s ready to end, and as much as I love these characters, I don’t want them to end up Flanderized. I also feel series 5 is the best place for most shows to end, usually after series 5 storylines and characters start to warp, Supernatural being an obvious example, and this would make me sad as Jane the Virgin is so well written. I love Jane the Virgin, and I’m so excited for the next series, but I’m also a little sad at it’s ending.

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