Writing Update #17: March On!

I wrote my last update days in advance and scheduled it well in advance so I could just get on with writing, and write I did! March was very productive for me, which was so exciting!

I finished Vita in March. I wasn’t necessarily very happy with it at first, it was definitely a bare-bones draft and it needed a lot of work. However, I decided a bare-bones first draft was better than nothing, and I’m excited to start a really intense edit. I also want to do a lot more research as I edit this script, and I’m even hoping to do a research trip!

I also got a lot of work on my Anthology series done. After finishing Vita, I was hoping to get one episode written, but I managed to get two done! I’m not quite sure on the initial endings of the episodes as they seemed to work better during planning, but overall I’m still quite happy.

I have still so much writing and editing to do but overall, I’m please with how March went for me, creatively. Have you gotten much writing done lately?

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