Writing Update #16: A Script Full Of Problems

Vita is so difficult to write!

I managed to start writing Vita after dreaming up a somewhat okay opening, and actually writing it was going really well! That was until I started typing it up, and realised that the script is incredibly rushed. Even worse, I somehow forgot to write the entire first act!

After this, I realised the entire script is full of problems, however, I’ve decided that it’s better to get the bare bones of the script down and then do a massive edit afterwards. I’ve realised that I also need to do a lot more detailed research on the royal household, the family dynamics and how they all talk to each other. Finally, I need to tighten up the timeline. That’s a lot of work, and the first draft isn’t even done yet!

That being said, I’m really enjoying writing Vita and I can’t wait to start this edit. Researching things is one of my favourite things, and I love history, so I’m so excited!

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