The Most Oxford-ish Day Ever

On the 17th March, I travelled up to Oxford on the trusty Oxford Tube to visit my sister. I would only have about 24 hours to explore the city and we had lots to do.

After arriving in Headington, having lunch and doing a little shopping, we headed towards the city centre. Our first stop was the Bodleian Library, a building I’ve visited a few times but have never been able to actually do a tour of. By the time I got to Oxford we could only do a mini tour, but for £6 we got a 30 minute tour of the Divinity School and Duke Humphrey’s Library. It was fascinating and we enjoyed it so much we booked Extended Tour tickets (£14) for the week after!




After our brief trip to the Bodleian Library, my sister excitedly suggested we visit the Natural History Museum and the Pitt-Rivers Museum. And what an idea it was! The Natural History Museum was absolutely fantastic! It’s completely interactive and child-friendly, while having loads of exhibits and information, so it isn’t boring for adults. While I liked the marine skeletons hanging from the ceiling, my sister’s favourite was the dinosaur skeletons. The best bit was that these museums were completely free, so my student sister is now likely to visit all the time.

The Pitt-Rivers Museum is attached to the Natural History Museum, and so we decided to have a look. The museum is about ethnography, and while the exhibits were very interesting, the museum itselfwas so packed and badly lit that we decided to return another time.


As we were meandering around the city, we walked past Trinity College. Seeing it was open, we paid £3 each for a ticket to see the gardens, dining hall and chapel. Unfortunately, when we visited the dining hall and chapel were completely closed off, and as there was no one around to as ask, we had to settle with just looking around the gardens. While they were lovely, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to visit while it was snowing! (Yes it was snowing. It wasn’t settling, but it was definitely snowing.)



Exhausted after our packed day, we headed back to my sister’s flat to order dinner and watch Heathers. We ordered from Atomic Diner, a diner where we’ve eaten before and my sister loves. She ordered the Gaga Pizza and I ordered the Carmella burger- a cross between a pizza and a burger with chilli Sci Fries. Delicious!

We only had time to do one thing the next morning before I left to journey back to London. The initial reason I had journeyed up to Oxford was to visit a temporary exhibition at the Ashmolean; a lot of Michelangelo’s preparatory drawings had been lent from a New York museum and my sister had suggested this as she knew last year I saw The Madonna of Bruges. The exhibition was small, but it was free. I really enjoyed it and hope to see more of Michelangelo’s work in the future.

Although brief, the quick trip to Oxford was so much fun and we saw so much! Do you have any recommendations about what to see in Oxford?

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