A Guide To Interrailing

In January this year, my sister and I went Interrailing around Belgium and the Netherlands. We decided to Interrail due to a strict itinerary and we wanted it to be as smooth as possible.

In order to Interrail, all you have to do is buy a pass. In you live in Europe, you have to buy an Interrail pass, but if you are American, you have to visit the Eurail site and buy a pass. There are multiple passes available, either a one-country/Benelux pass which my sister and I bought, or a Global pass which you can travel through multiple countries on. You can also pick how many travel days you have and all passes are valid for a month. The pass can be bought up to 11 months before you travel, and once you have completed your trip, you can send your pass back to receive a free gift. (Mine was a reusable bag)

I found that there were many advantages to the Interrail pass. The main advantage for us was that we didn’t have to worry about buying tickets or rushing for trains in countries we had not visited before, especially with my terrible language skills. This took a lot of stress off of me during the trip, and allowed me to enjoy the journeys more. The rail planner app that you can download made it incredibly easy to check trains and see which ones we were able to travel on and the support team were all incredibly nice and helpful.

My main disappointment with the Interrail pass was the reservation system. I thought the reservations were quite expensive, especially as you had already had to buy the pass, for trains such as the Eurostar which is the only train out of the UK. Although these were subsidised, I would have preferred to pay this fee when I bought the pass. I also didn’t like the booking system, although I understand why it is set up like that. I just wished it was slightly different so I could have booked reservations earlier and with less stress.

That being said, I would definitely Interrail again. Although we might have been able to do the trip cheaper if we had paid for the tickets between each destination at the time, taking the stress out of it made the trip a lot more enjoyable and I thought it was a great way to travel. I already have so many hypothetical Interrailing trips planned!

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