Boxpark Croydon Adventures #1!

Boxpark Croydon has quickly become a landmark of the town, having opened next to East Croydon station at the end of October 2016. As I had never been, I decided to try and visit every stall in the Boxpark to find my favourite.
February 2018:
Indi-go: Indigo is a small Indian restaurant located in the corner of the Boxpark. It also has a colourful and clean seating area attached. As we had gone for lunch, we decided to get meal deals added to our curries. For an extra £2 added to the curry’s cost we were able to get a side and a soft drink. We both chose lamb biryanis, and I had a potato pakora while my dad had an onion bhaji. The curry was full of meat, and deliciously spicy, although not overly so, and the sides were both very tasty. The serving size was huge and could have easily been for a main meal, so you definitely get your money’s worth! 9/10. We paid £11 each for a lamb biryani, a side and a soft drink.

Dums Dums Donutterie: Before leaving after eating at Indi-go, I decided to stop at Dums Dums Donutterie in order to get sweet treats for that evening. Dums Dums bake all of their goods to make them healthier than usual donuts, and we noticed the difference as the donuts were not greasy. We got a raspberry cronut for me and strawberry donuts for my parents (although later we found out they were filled with raspberry jam). We enjoyed the donuts, although they perhaps weren’t the best we had had. They were very big though! 6/10. We paid £2.50 each for the donuts and £3.50 for the cronut.

Pasta di Rocca: I visited Pasta di Rocca before going to see the Shape of Water, and decided to try this small restaurant. I was not disappointed; after choosing to try the bolognese I was invited to choose which homemade pasta to accompany it, and it wasn’t long before I got it. The portion size was very generous, and the food was very tasty, I’d definitely eat there again. 7/10. I paid £6 for bolognese rigatoni.

So far I’m enjoying my culinary adventures around the Boxpark, and I’m excited to see what other cuisines I can try!

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