Writing Update #15: Vita Victoria

Writing has been tricky lately.

Although I love to write, I’m not very good at it. All of the advice I get is to write every day and that no writing is bad writing, but I simply can’t do this. I’m a spree writer, and this works for me, as it takes the stress away from me. I prefer to write in specific circumstances because it works better for me, and so I don’t beat myself up about not following all this advice. I see it more as a hobby, rather than a viable career option for many reasons and I don’t need to add more unneeded pressure onto myself.

This spree writing doesn’t always work well for me though, and recently this philosophy backfired on me. The snow hit.

I previously wrote about the snow and how much of a pain it was but another side-effect to this was that I didn’t really go out. This was completely my fault and I should have gone out earlier, but due to the severity of the weather I decided to stay in, and I then got stuck in my own head. I also couldn’t work out how the new script started, and I wrote a couple of openings that didn’t work at all. After days of writing around in circles, I finally went for a few walks and that night, I dreamt up the opening!

I’ve still been struggling with writing and I think a big part of it is the weather-I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a mild version of seasonal affective disorder, but at least the script has been started, eh? I also managed to write and schedule a few blog posts, so while it hasn’t been the most productive time, at least a few things got started.

I also decided the title of this script! Initially it was going to be called Victoria, but I decided that was too close to ITV’s Victoria, and ‘Vita Victoria’ is slightly too similar to ‘Victor Victoria’. So Vita it is!

Did anyone else struggle with the snow?

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