Review: RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 Finale and Series Sum Up

So, Trixie Mattel won All Stars 3.

I’m somewhat disappointed and not disappointed at the result. Trixie was my favourite queen at the beginning of the competition, so I was really hoping she was going to win. However, as the series ran on, she didn’t perform as well as I hoped, and as Shangela had been doing well, I decided I was firmly Team Shangela. In the last few episodes Trixie had really been improving, but I felt Shangela’s track record, and Ru’s belief in her, would allow her to take the crown.

I quite liked the eliminated jury, and I felt it was a good twist. I wished it was a bit longer, and we could have seen the jury debate a bit more, but I enjoyed it. I’d love to know exactly how Kennedy got to top 2 over Shangela, over all… The lipsync wasn’t the best, but was emotional. The episode was good, but not outstanding.

Overall, I haven’t felt that the series has been the best. While I love the concept of All Stars, I feel that the show has never really been executed well. I feel like the queens eliminating each other was game changing in series 2, but should have only been used a couple of times at the beginning of the series as it doesn’t always work well, and I wish they have come up with something different for All Stars 3, as All Stars 1 and 2 seem to not even be the same show.

The other issue I have is with the obvious rigging of the show. While the show was tipped in Alaska’s favour in series 2, the show’s rigging has been spread out over multiple people this series. I felt that Bebe’s trajectory was obviously rigged so she would get to the final, as a previous winner could not leave early. This was most evident to me in her lipsync against Trixie to a Diana Ross song, when she had played Diana Ross only a couple of weeks before and is compared often to her. I also felt that sometimes lipsync outcomes were skewed toward’s Dela’s favour so she would win, especially when she started cracking. I don’t think her exit was planned by the producers, but I think they wanted to amplify the tension with someone being such a frontrunner like Alaska was.

In conclusion, I really hope a lot of changes are made before All Stars 4, and that the plotlines, if they need to be there, are less signposted. How did you feel about this series of All Stars? Do you agree with the winner? Are you looking forward to Series 10 of Drag Race?

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