Interrailing: 5: Even in January (Bruges)

I felt at peace the moment I found myself back in Bruges.

Inhaling deeply, feeling the cold, crisp air fill my lungs, I was calm. We were lost finding our way to the city centre, but as we wandered the streets, we found we didn’t actually care that much. Even in the wind and rain, Bruges was still picturesque.

After a delicious breakfast in the Grote Markt, we wandered around the small town for an hour or so. “I’m not sold on Bruges just yet,” my sister had mumbled over croissants and hot chocolate. I felt right at home.


We decided to shelter from the rain in the Historium, next to the Belfort in the Grote Markt. This interactive museum takes you exploring in medieval Bruges through a love story. The museum was incredibly fun for us, as well as informative, however, the best part of the museum was the observation deck. Although still grey, the sun was still attempting to shine on the Venice of the North. People wandered through the market, smiling at others as they got on with their business. My sister noted at how friendly and welcoming the town was. I noted her changing attitude.

The rest of the day ended up being a whirlwind of souvenir shopping, undirected walking and sightseeing, whilst we were surrounded in a chocolate haze. Our last stop before leaving and returning to Brussels was to the serene Begijnhof, and as we gazed at the swans floating on the pond just outside, my sister turned to me.

“You were right. Bruges was prettier than I expected. Even in January.”

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