Japan: 13: A Lost Day

The 19th felt like a lost day.

After the last few days neither of us were feeling 100%, and as Amy had urgent things to do, the decision was made to have a lazier day. The day started with us walking to the next town over from Amy’s in order to run some errands. The walk wasn’t overly long, and it was raining, but I enjoyed it. I started to feel better as the cool air cleared my head, and we even stopped briefly to explore a children’s shrine close to Amy’s. The difference between this shrine and other’s we had explored was really interesting, especially seeing the prayer boards decorated with children’s cartoon characters.

Amy was out for lunch, and as we were moving to one of Amy’s friend’s flat that evening, I spent the next few hours watching YouTube and attempting to pack my overloaded suitcases. I started to feel a little panicky about wasting time here. I should have gone on a day trip or something, I kept thinking. Luckily, Amy got back soon and we were able to move our stuff.

Amy’s friend was really nice and although I had been worried about staying with someone I had never met, I had nothing to worry about. He had rented films for us to watch and so the evening ended with us watching a Hologram For The King, a film I think I liked, and eating a weird rice lasagna thing from Ito. The day may not have been productive, but it was alright.

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