Creepy Travels – Edinburgh

I loved Edinburgh. It’s a fun, creative, lively city, but it also has a not-so-hidden creepy side.

Borthwick Castle-Borthwick Castle is a castle just outside of central Edinburgh. It’s now an opulent hotel but is rumoured to be haunted…

Mercat Tour-I know I always recommend a tour, but this one was fantastic. In every tour Mercat Tours offer, you are able to be guided through the Blair Street Underground Vaults-a really scary experience! Pair this with fantastically chilling stories…

The Real Mary King’s Close-The Real Mary King’s Close is a more touristy experience than others on this list but it is still supposed to be really good. The attraction is a guided tour around a hidden close and you can experience life in 17th century Edinburgh. This tour needs to be booked at least 24 hours in advance and is £14.95 for an adult ticket.

The Banshee– The Banshee is a pub that plays on the theme of being the most haunted pub in Edinburgh. Apparently, part of the pub used to be part of the underground vaults and is now haunted! You can now see gigs at the pub.

The Surgeons Hall– I didn’t get to visit the Surgeons Hall on my last visit to Edinburgh, but I really wanted to. The Surgeons Hall is a museum of the history of surgery and is filled with creepy specimens. Don’t go here if you’re squeamish!

Edinburgh is a delightfully scary city and I can’t wait to go back!

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