Edinburgh: 10: 17 Train Journeys Later

The journey back started at 7.40 am. My train was at 10 am but my relative had work, and wanted to drop me off at the station. We just mistimed it and got there really early! At least with the time I had I was about to buy lunch and check my trains!


I was slightly panicky when the earlier train was delayed, but mine was fine, so I tried to calm down, and as the train departed I felt relieved at no delay.

That didn’t last.

The train was delayed at Newcastle, and York and then outside Kings Cross station for 20 minutes! There were a lot of disgruntled customers, and arguments and missed announcements due to noise, and I was getting so angry. We all had places to be, so why couldn’t people just listen to the information instead of complaining there was no information and then complaining they had missed it! I was so angry and stressed that journey, and I was so happy when we finally came in, although I was still worried about getting home. We came in 40 minutes later than expected, which worried me as I had missed my connecting train, and the one after!

I finally got home about an hour after I was supposed to, but it didn’t matter. I had had the most amazing week, and I couldn’t wait to go back, but for now, I was so glad to be home.

Scottish Foods tasted: 2
Tours Taken: 2
Museums Visited: 3
Shows seen: 6
Miles walked: 38.05


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