Edinburgh: 8: Two Castles for the Price of One

Our last day all together started with a really late start! Having gone to bed so late the night before, and with the exhaustion of the Fringe taking it’s toll on us, we didn’t get into Edinburgh until lunch time.

The day started with a self guided tour around the University of Edinburgh campus. It was so fascinating to see all the old buildings and the new, although I know I won’t be going there. While we were there we decided to get lunch and when I saw a poutine stall I knew I had to try it. It was delicious and a massive portion for the price, although I’ve since been been told by a real Canadian that ‘posh’ poutine doesn’t count.


We knew this was the only time we would get to see the castle, and we were determined to see it, so we rushed there. As we knew my relative and I would only have about two hours at the castle, and she had been many times so she knew all the sights, she gave us a whistle stop tour. We saw most of the castle and I absolutely loved it. It was like no castle I’ve ever visited before and it’s easily one of my favourites. We left Amy to explore the castle for a few more hours as we had another show booked. On our way out, we stopped by the gift shop to avoid the suddenly intense weather and I tried Scottish tablet for the first time. The sugar levels easily kept us going for the rest of the day!


The show we were booked to see that day was the Cambridge Footlights tour and it was fantastic! The hour was full of fun and laughter, and the little sketches performed were hilarious. It was easily our favourite show of the Fringe.

On the way back from the show, we met up with Amy and stopped by Borthwick Castle on our way back. The castle itself was so grand and my relative told us tales of it’s grizzly history.


For our last night all together, we went for a lovely meal at a restaurant close to my relative’s home. although the meal was lovely, it was upsetting that in nine or so hours I would be saying goodbye to Amy…

Scottish Foods tasted: 2
Tours Taken: 2
Museums Visited: 3
Shows seen: 5
Miles walked: 6.32

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