What To Do When You Get To Uni

Going to university is such a fun and exciting time, but there’s so much to prepare for! Here are a few tips of things to remember to do when you get to university.

Register with a doctor’s surgery.
If you take one of these tips, please take this one. Registering with a doctor’s surgery is very important, and honestly, although you think you’ll never use it, it wouldn’t hurt in case something happens.

Look into a HC2 certificate.
A HC2 certificate is a certificate that entitles you to free prescriptions and help with medical costs if you are on a low income. You have to apply, but if you will be on a low income and this is a big worry, then it is worth at least looking into.

Get your TV license.
This may not apply to you, but it’s worth remembering. If you are planning on watching live television, or watching BBC iPlayer, then you need a TV license. If you are living in halls then you would need one for your individual room, but if you are living in a shared house then you can share one, and share the price too!

Reroute your post, or set up a new address.
This is a simple one, but has caught lots of people out! This is also a good way to try and prevent identity theft, as you know all of your important post will come straight to you.

Get a Railcard or a discounted travel card.
This is more helpful than I initially realised. When I moved to university I bought a 16-25 Railcard, which is £30 for a year or £70 for three years, and you can save 1/3 on all train journeys. This saved me so much money while in university, which in turn allowed me to make more trips, and it easily pays back for itself. This is something I’d definitely recommend.

Hopefully these tips have reminded you of things to do when you get to university, and can even offer some money saving tips!

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