Edinburgh: 3: Cathedral Hunter

The day started with streams of sunlight falling through the windows and excitement. This was it, the first proper day of the holiday and not only was I going to see my first ever Fringe show, but I was also going to be able to hug Amy for the first time in a year! I tried to calm myself down over a breakfast of croissants and cuddling the fluffiest Maine Coon in existence, but I just couldn’t calm down.


My heart was thudding the entire time we waited for the train. I had realised that we didn’t have a lot of time until the train got to the station, but I hadn’t bought my ticket.

“It’s okay,” my relative tried to soothe. “If we don’t get the ticket here we can always get one on the train.” I was baffled.

“What do you mean? What about the fine?”

“What fine?” She was genuinely confused.

“Won’t you get a fine if you get on the train without a ticket?”

“Oh no,” she smiled. “We’re nice up here.”

I still insisted on getting my ticket before getting onto the train.


Our first show was the Best of Edinburgh Showcase, which I thought was a good introduction to the Fringe. It was based at the Pleasance, and as we got there early, I wandered around. It was both exactly what I expected and not at all what I expected; full of lights and colour and laughter. After a quick lunch of steak tacos, it was finally time for the first show. The atmosphere was electric, although I was somewhat nervous as I walked into a dark room. My nerves were completely unfounded though, the show was amazing and I hadn’t laughed so much in ages.

As we left the cabaret bar I checked my phone to see a message from Amy. She was in Edinburgh!


I power walked back to the station, my relative laughing at me the entire time. Practically running into the station, I scanned crowds looking for Amy. Finally I saw her and ran to sit next to you. I don’t even remember what I said, just the tight hugs and the happiness.

A hastily taken selfie in the middle of Edinburgh Waverley station.

After checking Amy’s comically heavy bag into left luggage, we ventured out into the city, buzzing. My relative and I were seeing Doctor Faustus at 5.30, and Amy was going to see American Idiot later, so we quickly made our plans as we left the station. Talk of plans quickly died down though, as we made our way towards the Royal Mile.

We must have walked for miles around the Royal Mile, and saw loads of landmarks such as the Heart of Midlothian and Greyfriar’s Bobby. The sun was shining and we were all so happy. We started to slow outside the Cathedral and my relative asked if we wanted to go in.

“Sure, I answered. I am a Cathedral Hunter after all.” She laughed and Amy rolled her eyes as we entered. The Cathedral was lovely and cosy in comparison to other cathedrals I’ve been to, albeit not as grand.


After a quick chocolate milkshake, it was time to see Doctor Faustus. As a quick see you later to Amy, my relative and I saw the show. I didn’t realise it would be a sung through musical, but I thought it was really well performed, if a bit hazy.

As we left I checked my phone to see if Amy had left me a message. ‘Hey, I’m at Calton Hill, is that near where I’m supposed to be?” After a panicked Google search, a phone call and frantic phone running afterwards, we were pretty sure we had got Amy to her event, albeit late. It wasn’t until we had collected her luggage and were sitting on the train home that we had realised that the event was an hour later than we expected.


That evening had a weird energy to it. My relative and I had a lovely evening filled with pasta bake, playing with the dog and causing mischief. We were worried about when Amy would get home, so we looked up the number for the venue and phoned up. Eventually though, she phoned and we got her back!

The day ended on long talks into the night, and I felt complete.

Scottish Foods tasted: 0
Tours Taken: 0
Museums Visited: 0
Shows seen: 2
Miles walked: 4.77

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