Edinburgh: 2: First Impressions

My trip to Edinburgh started with a near panic attack.

Getting to Kings Cross early, I had decided to get a McDonalds breakfast as a treat. As I used my card to pay the machine made a sad noise. And another. The cashier looked at me kindly.

“This machine has been having problems recently. Do you have enough cash on you?”

I got my breakfast, but I felt sick.


I had run to WHSmiths and quickly bought a bottle of water, and although I was somewhat relieved that my card had worked, I still couldn’t completely calm down. Edinburgh had always been intriguing to me, and I was finally getting to go! Better yet, I was also getting to see Amy for the first time in over a year. And finally, on top of all of this, I was going to be experiencing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; one of the biggest art festivals in the world! It was slightly overwhelming but I couldn’t wait.


I arrived in Edinburgh around half two, and as I got off of the train I saw my relative and suddenly all the anxiety I had regarding the trip melted away. I was in Edinburgh, with a relative I hardly ever see and I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to see the city, so we rushed out of the train station into the bracing air. Walking around Princes Street Gardens and the Scott Monument, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the city was.

My first proper experience of the Fringe was as we turned onto the Royal Mile. As we walked down to St Giles’ Cathedral we watched a street magician named Mr Vita perform small tricks and inviting the audience to participate. I couldn’t stop smiling, but after such a long train journey I was dying for a nap.


We left Edinburgh mid afternoon and I settled into my new home for the week. As I wandered around the house, playing with my relative’s gorgeous Maine Coon cat, I realised that I wanted to live in Edinburgh one day, and that day might turn out closer than expected.

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