Creepy Travels – London Part 2

London is so full of creepy attractions and historic sites that I couldn’t fit them all into one post! Here’s another list of creepy things to do while in London Town.

Jack the Ripper Museum
Based in Whitechapel, home of the killer himself, this museum is a new attraction designed to recreate 1880s London. This museum is a little different in that it focuses on the victims and tells the story from their perspective than focusing on the killer. Included in the ticket price is also an official walk that connects the key sites together, although you can do this separately. Admission to the museum for an adult is £10, admission to the museum with the walk is £16 for an adult and the price of the walk for an adult is £10.

Fleet Street
This one is maybe a slight cheat as it’s not really an attraction but an area to walk around. Fleet Street might be officially known as being the home as the British national press, but it’s also known for being the home of Sweeney Todd! While there’s not really anything here to mark this, it’s still an interesting area to walk around.

Walking Tour
London is such a large and interesting city, and you can see so many pieces of history just as you walk around, so it’s no wonder walking tours are so popular! There are so many different tour operators that offer many different tours, but one that has been recommended to me thoroughly is Free Tours by Foot. This company offer free tours, although you are encouraged to tip as you please, and have a great range of tours. I’ve been recommend the Jack the Ripper tour and the Dark Side of the Old City tour, but there’s a whole range including a Harry Potter tour, specialist area tours and a street art tour.

The London Bridge Experience
Based in Tooley Street, the former home of the London Dungeons, this interactive experience is a guided theatrical show that combines history and fun. It centres around the area of London Bridge, although it does mention figures such as Jack the Ripper. This attraction also allows you into the London Tombs, where there’s said to be a plague pit! Admission on the door is £27.95 for an adult, although concession tickets are available and ticket deals are available on their website.

Ghost Bus
The Ghost Bus is a different kind of creepy tour… Touring multiple times a night, this bus provides a comedy sightseeing show around London with a few surprises. It departs off of Trafalgar Square and travels around London before dropping you off where you started. The price for over 16s is £21.

The Woman in Black 
You may have heard of the film based off of this featuring Daniel Radcliffe, but the play ‘The Woman in Black’ has been playing in London for 25 years. The play revolves around Arthur Kipps, who becomes obsessed about a curse that is supposedly cast over him and his family… The play is said to be terrifying and incredibly immersive. So far it’s booking until March 2018, so you have plenty of time to see it!

So there’s my second list of creepy attractions in London. As London is huge and new attractions are opening all the time, don’t surprised if another list comes up!


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