The End of Orphan Black! (Spoilers)

Orphan Black is a series I initially struggled with. I almost couldn’t get through the pilot, but I persevered and after a couple of episodes, I was hooked. I fell in love with the clones, and the scientific story lines really caught my attention.

Which is why I was so worried about the finale.

This season as a whole felt somewhat odd to me. It certainly did feel like the stakes were raised but it also felt like there was too much to fit into 10 episodes, so certain clones, in particular Alison and Helena, were forgotten about until they were convenient. There were creative choices I did not agree with, in particular, I feel that MK’s death was too barbaric and not what she deserved, and S’s death was really difficult to process. Yet at the same time, I was captivated by the storylines and became very attached to characters rather too quickly.

I was somewhat dissatisfied towards the end of the series. It felt rushed and almost nonsensical at times, I mean, Helena just happened to be taken to Dyad when it literally was just pointed out that Dyad was swarmed with media and police?

But there were things I loved about this series. I felt the comedic moments, particularly with Alison and Krystal were hysterical. I was elated when Cosima got her cure. While I initially hated the inclusion of Adele, I thought her and Felix worked really well, and thought she particularly was great when it came to Felix’s art opening. All of the cast were amazing, especially Tatiana Maslany and Maria Doyle Kennedy. But the most touching thing to me, was the theme of family that has developed through the series as a whole and was so prominent in this last series. Those family moments were so beautiful, and touching and poignant and I’m glad we got some of those, because that is what Orphan Black is about. Yes it is about clones, and illegal science experiments and underground futurist movements, but at the heart of the show it is about family, and how family is made, and is not just genetic.

Which is why I loved the finale so much. I was so worried that any clone might get killed off, but it felt so deserved that Clone Club won outright, even though there were sacrifices. I also liked how the threat was cleaned up quickly and that there was 25 minutes of domestic, happy clone time because that’s all I wanted. Most of the main core survived, including Art and Cosima, who I was convinced were going to be killed off in the last episode. Everyone was finally a family, which was that those characters needed and deserved.

I wasn’t expecting a happy finale. Whereas with shows like Pretty Little Liars, where I wanted a full on, dark and full of death finale, with Orphan Black I just wanted a happy finale with everyone safe and happy. And we got that, which I was so thankful for. I wasn’t crazy about the series being the contents of Helena’s book but it worked as it almost fulfilled her role from the first series. I’m so glad this amazing series ended this way and I’m so glad I got to watch it.

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