How Much For: A Weekend in Bruges

I went to beautiful Bruges in March, and I still get asked about how I could afford it. Here’s a breakdown of the price of my trip, and how and where I could have saved money.

Travel: £62. I chose to go to Bruges literally because I saw a Eurostar sale, and so I got cheap-ish tickets!

Accommodation: £236. This is where I splurged a bit and I booked a hotel on Secret Escapes. I could have booked a cheaper hotel, but I decided to spend more and treat myself.

Travel money: 320 euros/£300 approx. I took £300 worth of Euros with me to ensure I have enough money and I ended coming back with about £30. Realistically, if I had taken £50-£70 less with me I probably would have been alright, and I would have been a bit more economic with the money I had.

Activities: 105 euros/£95 approx. Here I could have planned my activities better. Although I had a discount card from my hotel which helped, I ended up going into attractions that I wouldn’t go again and I did again splurge on a horse ride, which if I had done with people would have lessened the cost. Furthermore, if I had planned ahead better, I would have bought combined museum tickets which would have further lowered the costs.

Souvenirs: 30-40 euros/£25-35 approx. All of the souvenirs I bought were small and cheap, and I bought a lot of presents for people, although these were mainly chocolate So! Although Had I known my sister wouldn’t like the present I got her I could have saved 10 euros!

Insurance: £30. I spent £30 on my travel insurance due to preexisting medical conditions, but I could have saved on insurance if I had decided to take out my annual travel policy at this point.

Total: £628. I could have saved money… I also returned home with 30 euros, or £27, so, in total this holiday cost me about £600.

That’s how much it cost me for a weekend in Bruges, although this trip could have been done cheaper. Another tip I would have is to ask your hotel if they give out discount cards like my hotel did, as it’s a great way to get savings in museums and shops, or if they can help you book discounted tours. I hope this post was informative, and helps you while planning your next trip to Bruges!


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