Rose Tea in a Haunted Tearoom

‘I will always associate Canterbury with drinking rose tea in haunted tearooms’, I thought to myself on the train home. I’d wanted to visit Canterbury since my visit to the University of Kent five years previously, and I’d finally visited, however, the trip hadn’t been as good as I hoped.

The day had started with taking an 8.39 am train with my sister. It seemed to take hours but we finally arrived into Canterbury at 10.20. I knew there were places I wanted to see, but we didn’t have a definitive plan. The first place I wanted to see, however, was The Canterbury Tales. The Tales were part of the reason I wanted to visit Canterbury, as I’d studied the Wife of Bath’s Tale at A Level. I loved the museum, and thought it was so funny.


After The Canterbury Tales, we had cream teas at Tiny Tim’s Tearoom next door, which I how I found myself thinking over rose tea. The food and tea was lovely, but the portions were massive! I had inadvertently also taken us to the most haunted tearoom in Kent, so of course we had to check out the ‘ghost room’…

We had no plans after this point so we wandered around the city centre. We decided not to visit the Cathedral due to the queues and the fact that weddings were taking place, so we meandered down the King’s Mile. We found this lovely charity bookshop which sold ‘blind dates with books’, so I of course had to buy books!

After walks down the King’s Mile and the High Street, we went to the Canterbury Heritage Museum to escape the heat. We enjoyed this museum, and it was great to find out so much information about Canterbury, apart from the religious element. On our way back down the high street, we also visited a vintage fair, as my sister loves that type of clothing, and we also popped into the nearby Eastbridge Hospital.

Our last stop was to the Westgate Museum and I loved visiting here. The Westgate used to be an old jail which also has amazing views of Canterbury from above. This small museum was fascinating and even had an escape room in it! It was a great end to the day.

Canterbury was nice, but I think I would have preferred it more if I hadn’t been to York a few weeks before and if I hadn’t have fallen in love with York so much. However, I’m still glad I went and it was a lovely adventure.


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