Writing Update #12: Doppel

So I’ve been busy on the writing front!

Although I’ve been focusing on The Untitled Parisian Project recently, I wanted to write something as well as just editing. While I’ve had lots of ideas, I haven’t really sat down and written anything since the beginning part of June. Luckily, I had already planned one of these ideas, a horror short revolving around folklore, and so I decided to go with that.

I had written about a page of it last month, but I managed to sit down and finish the short in a couple of days. It’s called Doppel, it’s about 15/20 minutes along and it revolves around a man who believes he’s seeing doppelgänger of his friends and family…

I’m quite happy about it. My main writing goals for the rest of the year are to finish the Untitled Parisian Project and to keep researching for another feature, but I have a feeling more shorts are in my future!


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