Writing Update #11: Research Trips?

So I know I say this every time, but every time I edit the Untitled Parisian Project it makes me what to go to Paris. I think this is a strong point for the script, as it shows it obviously has a feel of the place, and this gets stronger with every edit. In fact, it was so strong the other day that while editing I actually logged onto the Eurostar website to look for last minute weekend train tickets! Unfortunately £150 tickets either way we’re a little bit out of my price range at the moment, considering everything coming up soon…

So, as you can guess, I’ve been working on UPP. This script writing experience has really taught me a lot and has really surprised me; I never once thought that I would enjoy writing a romcom as much as I have and I’ve never enjoyed writing characters such as Amelia and Hannah as much before. This back up script has turned out to be something special.

So, last Sunday and Monday I edited the script. I did this completely on the computer, which is new for me, but I definitely prefer manually writing and editing. Last Thursday I started implementing the changes and got about a third of the script done. I still have a lot to add but I’m really happy with it. I’m starting to think this could possibly be the final edit!

The main thing to do is decide on a name, because as attached as I’ve gotten to the title, it realistically can’t be called that. So any suggestions would be welcome! Now, to go on a ‘research trip’ to Paris or not…


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