How Long Should You Wait To Book A Trip?

So recently I’ve been experiencing a lot of travel anxiety about my trip to Japan in October, and while I was writing my previous post, I started to wonder…can you book or plan a trip too far in advance? Although I haven’t really travelled extensively, there have been a lot of differences in the booking processes for each one and I feel that that affected my anxiety and excitement around each one.

My trips to Paris in 2015 and Bruges in March were both somewhat spontaneous. I decided to book my Bruges trip after getting an email about an Eurostar sale, and my friend and I booked our entire Paris trip after one conversation. These trips were planned after everything important was already booked, which allowed me to research the destination and get excited about the trip. What also helped with this was that I didn’t have to wait long to go on the trip, which I feel helped reduce anxiety instead of dragging it out.

In a complete contrast to these smaller European trips, the trip to Japan needed a lot of pre-planning, and that in itself has caused a lot of anxiety. Although the nature of the trip has caused worry, in that it is a long haul trip to a country and continent I’ve never been to, the extent of pre-trip planning has exacerbated emotions surrounding it. In addition to this, once dates had been set, I had to wait to book it, and then I had to book the trip in stages. Usually I am able to book everything to do with the trip at once, which lessens anxiety, but as the planning and booking of this trip is so different, it really heightened anxiety. Although, the upsides to book the trip like this are that not only does it give me more time to prepare and get excited about it, but it also allows me to spread costs.

How do you feel about planning trips? Do you prefer to book trips somewhat spontaneously or pre-plan them? Do you also think extensive pre-planning and waiting to book can lead to high travel anxiety? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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