Getting Travel Anxiety Before The Trip

I am terrified about my upcoming trip to Japan.

I feel that this is due to a lot of reasons. Asia is a new continent I’ve never explored, I’ve only ever been to (predominantly) English speaking countries before and I’m expecting massive culture shock. I have no clue what to expect, and while the unknown is exciting, it is also scary and a big thing I have to confront. I can do all the research I want, but I know I will be somewhat in the dark until I get there.

It’s also really stupid things I’m scared of. I’m nervous at the thought of long flights and the layover, but simple things, like accidentally insulting people by not respecting cultural norms, or being lost in a country where I can barely speak a few words is really terrifying. I’m not as scared in countries such as France and Belgium because I understand them, but Japan seems too big for me to tackle.

I’m wondering if part of this travel anxiety is related to the long hypothetical talks about the trip and then booking booking the trip. I’ll explain this further in my next post, but I’m wondering if the anticipation has gone on too long.

Have you ever suffered from pre-travel anxiety in this way?  Do you think this is due to anticipation or expectant culture shock? I’d love to hear your thoughts, stories or advice.


2 Replies to “Getting Travel Anxiety Before The Trip”

  1. Asia is the easiest and the safest continent to travel, I believe from my experiences! Culture is different but as long as you know how to respect others, don’t worry too much you’ll be fine. Japanese people also mostly speak English and they are kind and helpful.

    Enjoy your travel! 🙂


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