Lego and Ducks on the Southbank

On 3rd July my dad and I took the afternoon off of work to go and have adventures on London’s Southbank. While we go to the Southbank all of the time, it was really good for us two to have a fun afternoon together like our London days out when I was a child.

After meeting my dad, our first stop was to the DC Art of the Brick exhibition. This has been on since around March, and we decided to go specifically on a Monday as it’s cheaper. We spent about 45 minutes in this exhibit and we really enjoyed it; it was fascinating to see all the work that went into making the figures, which were brilliant on their own. There was a lot more there than we expected and we came out pleasantly surprised.

After visiting DC Art of the Brick, we went to lunch at Wagamamas. We decided to go there as we’d never been before, we like trying new foods and I need to learn how to use chopsticks before October! So if my friends are reading, I am trying! We had a really delicious meal after the waiter taught us how to hold the chopsticks, and as a well done we were given a free pudding and green tea each. Result!

Our last trip of the afternoon was to the London Ducks Tours. We’ve seen these amphibious vehicles around London for years but never gone in one until now. We enjoyed it so so much, it was informative as well as fun and we not only got a guided tour around London but also had a little dip in the Thames!

This was a really great afternoon and it was so great for my dad and me to have an afternoon out. We had so much fun and I’d highly recommend these attractions.


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